Why is Estate Planning so important?

Because you want the right assets to end up with
the right people at the right time.

Virtual estate + succession planning solutions

Our Legal Concierge is a complimentary service offered by The Legal Hub which is owned and managed by a group of highly experienced professionals who want to make the delivery of legal advice more accessible and cost effective for advisers and their clients.


The Legal Hub connects and coordinates professional advisers with leading law firms to deliver estate and business succession planning for their clients or alternatively they can direct their clients to www.legalconciege.com.au and we will concierge the client on their behalf. The Legal Hub does not provide advice rather it’s the central point of contact and coordination for an adviser and clients to access our member law firms.

The member firms of The Legal Hub have all been selected based on their capabilities and willingness to change how legal services are delivered. They very much understand that the traditional fee and face to face service model no longer meet the needs of many clients. We use a simple 3 step process that allows clients to provide information so that our member firms can review and make recommendations with a fixed fee which we call the Scope and Quote. This means clients receive a complimentary legal review with meetings between client and lawyer conducted online using virtual meeting technology. This use of technology and the role of the legal concierge greatly reduces the time required by our lawyers on non-advice activities which results in lower legal fees by up to 50%.

The Legal Hub has a team who are highly experienced in managing and coordinating estate and succession planning for advisers and clients on a national basis. Our Legal Concierges have strong project management skills which allow them to work with clients and their professional advisers using the systems and processes set up between The Legal Hub and our member firms making the process easy and very cost effective.

Our commitment is:

The Right Advice by the Right Lawyers at the Right Cost.