Why is Estate Planning so important?

Because the most important asset you have
is you and your family

Only one in four Australians have up to date
and valid wills with powers of attorney

Because you want the right assets to end up
with the right people at the right time

Virtual estate + succession planning solutions

Estate Planning

Our member law firms provide quality estate planning solutions for:

  • Young and growing families

  • Blended and grown families

  • Professionals and self employed

The Legal Hub

The Legal Hub brings leading law firms to advisers and clients and provides:

  • Virtual meetings to clients in any location

  • Quality advice and documents at reduced fees

  • Complimentary legal concierge

Legal Concierge

Our highly experienced legal concierge is complimentary and can help facilitate:

  • Gathering information

  • Clarifying information

  • Coordinating what needs to be done

Quality advice by leading lawyers in three simple steps

Scope and Quote

  • Complete Scope and Quote for complimentary review by our member firms

  • Receive recommendations and fixed quote within 72 hours

  • Make informed decisions at no cost or obligation

Confirm and Accept

  • Our legal concierge will assist with any questions and help with decisions

  • Our member firms will provide draft documents for review

  • Coordinate the virtual meeting with our lawyers

Advice and Documents

  • Virtual meeting with lawyer to go over documents and give advice

  • Final documents sent for signing and return to our member firm

  • Documents checked and put into safe custody